Portfolio Risk Management

Portfolio Risk Management – Our portfolio management toolkit targeted at the management of a portfolio of business which will enable an insurer to better manage its book of business. Components include intelligent exposure management and analytical tools which can help better inform insurers on how to evaluate performance, identify potential threats and opportunities, respond to changes, and optimize their use of capital.

The toolkit enables intelligent auto portfolio modelling and management and the ability to look at portfolios in multi perspective, both history and futuristic. The toolkit is easy to integrate into existing systems to create a live view of your portfolio. Machine learning components and dynamic modelling better support decision making and potential remediating actions such as Risk Transference.

Key Benefits:

· Flexible and easy to integrate toolkit supported by experienced professionals.
· Dynamic modelling supporting historic and futuristic portfolio views.
· Ability to evaluate portfolio performance, potential threats, opportunities and changes quicker.
· Offers a holistic and transparent view of your portfolio.
· Delivers powerful and insightful analytics.
· Optimises business processes, workflows, data processes and systems to support:

o better decision making around capital use.
o better decision making around risk transference.
o Potentially enabling a competitive advantage.

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