Risk Distribution

Risk Distribution – The Turnkey IS Cloud is targeted at the acquisition of new business and product distribution on behalf of an insurer to improve efficiency, decrease costs and reduce the time of processing, as well as improving the quality of data captured at the start of the process supporting quality input into downstream processes.

The Turnkey IS Cloud offers a full range of Quote and Bind capabilities including Underwriting and Sales Processing; Rating; Product Configuration; Submission; Claims Notification, Reporting, Payment and Collections.

The Turnkey IS Cloud allows an insurer to easily create new products and apply different questions and an advanced pricing model where different rating models can be applied to their product set. The Turnkey IS cloud decreases the overall implementation time to get a product to market.

Key benefits:

· Innovative Cloud based software.
· Reduced implementation time and cost.
· Ability to distribute products across various business lines, countries and supports multi-currency.
· Supports E-commerce and broker business channels.
· Flexible and easy to integrate with existing systems.
· Resilient and scalable.
· Ability to apply different pricing models.
· Supports Insurers, MGA’s and Brokers.
· Intelligent workflow aimed at getting an insured or broker to a price quicker.
· Improving the quality of data captured upfront enabling downstream processes.
· Provision of self service and MI portal allowing insurer to make product and rating changes immediately.

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