Our Products

We provide the insurance industry with innovative cloud-based products that target each stage of the underwriting process. Our products give our clients the ability to improve their efficiency, reduce their costs and make better decisions within the underwriting cycle; as the result of which our clients are able to improve their overall underwriting result.

Risk Acquisition

Our Risk Acquisition cloud-based platform aids a client in the acquisition of new business thus enabling the client to improve their efficiency, decrease their costs and reduce their data-processing time. It is also targeted at improving the quality of data captured at the start of the underwriting process as well as supporting quality data input into downstream processes.

Portfolio Risk Management

Our Portfolio Risk Management toolkit is targeted at the management of business portfolios. Our toolkit components include intelligent exposure management and analytical tools which can help better inform clients on how to evaluate performance, identify potential threats and opportunities, respond to changes, and optimize their use of capital.

Risk Transference

Our Risk Transference cloud-based platform supports the placement of outwards facultative reinsurance contracts. The platform has been designed to improve a client’s efficiency, decrease their costs and reduce the time of processing by reducing the number of handshakes involved in the overall underwriting process. Integrated with our Portfolio Risk Management toolkit, the benefits our Risk Transference platform offer a client include saving percentages on ceded positions and intelligently transferring risk more efficiently.

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