Turnkey IS Technologies LTD

Turnkey IS Technologies LTD is an “InsureTech” and a specialised insurance consultancy services company which provides the insurance industry with innovative “IT as a service” products and solutions for the whole underwriting cycle. Our offerings bring numerous benefits to our clients; aiding in risk acquisition, portfolio risk management as well as in risk transference.

We utilize advanced cloud-based technology, integrated with machine learning components and data services from the “IOT: internet of things”, to deliver our products and solutions. We give our clients the tools they need to gain the competitive advantage over their peers in the insurance industry. Our products enable our clients to reduce their costs and improve efficiency, as well as enabling them to manage risk and exposure more intelligently.

Why we are different?

We are managed and supported by a team of experienced insurance professionals who understand the insurance business and the many challenges and issues faced by a modern-day insurer. We continue to embrace the latest technology on offer and utilize it within our products and services to enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

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